• Member Benefits

    Welcome to the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce!  Being a Chamber member is an important step in growing your business.  It increases positive perception with consumers, puts you in touch with numerous business leaders and increases your visibility.  

    By choosing to be a Chamber Member, you are not only investing in your business but also in the community. 

    The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to its mission “to lead, promote, and advocate for the Hastings area business community to reinforce a strong local economy.”  Be sure to check out upcoming events and additional ways to get involved.



    Members of the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce are leaders working together to reinforce a strong local economy.  They work on important issues that build community and strengthen the business environment.



  • Connection

    Being connected to business professionals, elected officials and community leaders is important to the success of any business. The Chamber hosts a variety of events throughout the year that provide networking opportunities, education and exposure. Connecting face to face builds your professional network, generates leads and advances your company's visibility in the community.

  • Advocacy

    The Hastings Chamber advocates for a business friendly environment at the local and state level.
    We pride ourselves in being problem solvers for our members and keep businesses informed on important community topics.

  • Promotion

    The Chamber provides opportunities for its members to promote their business through online directory listings, job postings, events and hot deals.  It also celebrates new business and reinvestments through ribbon cutting ceremonies, ground breakings and Ambassador visits.   


    TOP 10 Reasons To Join The Chamber

    1.  Voice Of Local Business


    2.  Increased Visibility


    3.  Pillar In Economic Development


    4.    Connect
               With Like-Minded Business Owners


    5.  Educational Opportunities


    6.   Increase In Consumer Awareness


    7.  Support 
              From Like-Minded Business Owners


    8.    Increased Customer Favorability


    9.   Stay Informed


    10. Be Involved With Hastings Community Festival - RIVERTOWN DAYS