• About Us

  • Our Mission:

    To lead, promote and advocate for the Hastings area business community
    to reinforce a strong local economy.


    Our members told us why they decided to join the Chamber and the greatest benefits they’ve received out of being a member!  Check it out:

    The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau is

    • An organization of businesses and individuals who work together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interest of the community.  It is run by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by Chamber members. 
    • A respected and influential leader and an advocate for the regional business community it serves.  Its work on community initiatives has also positioned it as a valued community asset.
    • Financed by membership investments.

    The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau is not a division of city, county or state government.  It is not directed or governed by the U.S. Chamber, Minnesota Chamber, or any other organization.

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