• Native American Education Liaison

    Posted: 05/12/2024

    To strengthen and support Native American families by providing a culturally appropriate educational environment, promoting positive experiences and educational outcomes for Native American students.

    Work days per year:  
    Approximately 205 
    Hours per day:  


    Benefits:  Per the Terms and Conditions for Unaffiliated Staff
    Classification:  9
    Starting Compensation:  $25.98 per hour

    Native American Education Programming
    Percent of Time:  45%

    • Acts as a resource for incorporating inclusive practices and Native American content standards in K-12 classrooms, including coordinating culturally appropriate training(s) and identifying resources and content materials.
    • Facilitates Native American Student Leadership and Affinity Groups.
    • Promotes and encourages participation in after school activities.
    • Assists teachers, as needed, in providing individual or small group guidance and support to students to achieve academic and behavior success.
    • Monitors student academic needs and works collaboratively with classroom teachers to address areas where academic support is needed.
    • Explores and identifies system issues that can inhibit or support Native American educational student success.
    • Leads cultural events and activities, organizing field trips and hosting guest educators or speakers, and maintains the Native American resources, supplies and materials.
    • Coordinates activities that support/strengthen Native American students’ cultural identity using culturally-relevant materials and curriculum when appropriate.
    • Provides education to students within the district increasing their knowledge of Native American tribal languages and culture.
    Support/Advocacy for Students and Families
    Percent of Time:  35%
    • Builds relationships and establishes communication between home, school, and outside agencies in order to advocate for Native American students and provide academic and social support.
    • Acts as a liaison between building and district administration to address questions or concerns brought forth by students, parents, or other staff.
    • Assists in mediating crisis situations with school district personnel and other agencies involving situations such as school disciplinary issues, complaints, truancy, suspension, and behavioral problems.
    • Conducts home visits with families to gather and collect accurate information and to interpret school district policies and procedures.
    • Provides families with guidance and support in completing 506 forms and other relevant documentation or applications. Ensure accurate documentation, organization, and storage of 506 forms.
    • Provides assistance to families and students as they enroll and participate in school including enrollment paperwork and checklists, food service applications, transportation, on-line support, and health concerns, as well as other services/activities as needed and appropriate.
    • Encourages parents to attend and be active in both Native American Education and school/district meetings, committees, and events.
    • Facilitates communication between home and school in identifying special education issues of assessment, IEP planning, due process, and program implementation, and may assist with the process.
    Building/District Level Support
    Percent of Time:  15%
    • Collaborates with administration on the Title VI, Achievement and Integration Plan, and Impact Aid Grants.
    • Supports, and/or co-leads the Native American Parent Advisory Committee (NAPAC).
    • Provides the NAPAC with access to state and district guidance and deadlines in order to fulfill the rights and responsibilities of the group.
    • In collaboration with the Director of Teaching and Learning and NAPAC, guides the use of the Native American Education budget, ensuring proper and timely use of funding and resources. Includes submission of invoices and reimbursements, following monthly deadlines and requirements from the Finance Department.
    • Serves as a point of contact between the school district and the Minnesota Department of Education – Office of Indian Education and U.S. Department of Education – Office of Indian Education.
    • Works in collaboration with the Director of Teaching and Learning to provide guidance and education about the Native American Education Program to our schools and local community.
    • Partners with local tribes and Native American Education programs.
    Special Projects
    Percent of Time:  5%
    • Stays abreast of changing laws and requirements related to work.
    • Performs other job-related duties as requested or assigned.
    • Knowledge of Native American communities including background, culture, and customs.
    • A current working knowledge of applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and polices related to work.
    • Knowledge of District policies and procedures, including those related confidentiality and privacy of data, and the District discipline policy for behavior and attendance.
    • Ability to communicate and establish positive relationships with students, parents, school staff, and other agencies.
    • Demonstrated exceptional customer services skills including outstanding conflict resolution, responsiveness and follow through.
    • Highly developed interpersonal skills including listening, communication, and presentation of information.
    • Ability to work cooperatively with others in a manner that builds respect and teamwork.
    • Ability to effectively communicate through a variety of mediums.
    • Excellent organizational, planning, group process and time management skills, and an ability to provide clear, correct answers and direction to others.
    • Ability to be flexible in working schedule.
    • Effective facilitation and personal use of technology as a communication tool to improve student achievement and manage/perform work.
    • Willing to participate in professional development opportunities for continued growth within the position/district.
    • Ability to grow and take on expanded duties within the position.
    • High School diploma or equivalent.
    • Post high school training in related field preferred.
    • Experience working with the Native American community.
    • Job related experience with increasing levels of responsibility desired.

    * Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the District may find appropriate and acceptable.