• Hastings Community Education Enrichment & Youth Development Coordinator

    Hastings Community Education Director
    Job Description
    1.0 FTE (full-time 12 months per year) 
    Bargaining Unit:  Community Education  Coordinator
    Job Summary:
    Under the direction of the Director of Community Education, the Enrichment and Youth Development Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all aspects of youth and adult enrichment, recreation, and youth development to include such tasks as planning and implementing new and existing programs, working with the Marketing Specialist in the production of the program catalog and marketing materials; administering and monitoring program expenditures and budget(s); and the recruiting, hiring and monitoring the activities of the building supervisors within district facilities; working with community partnerships.

    • Plans, develops and implements all aspects of adult and youth enrichment and recreation programming.
    1. Develops programs to meet the lifelong learning needs of district residents.
    2. Works with all three elementary sites to develop programs and youth service opportunities to meet the varied needs for out of school time learning for youth pre-K through grade 8.
    3. Monitors enrollment, registration and payment procedures for all program areas.
    4. Coordinates and provides fee assistance for qualified families in accordance with department procedures.
    5. Schedules sites use for programs.
    6. Evaluates class/program effectiveness and participant satisfaction. Prepares program summaries and reports for the district or Director of Community Education.
    7. Works with Marketing Specialist to promote all areas of responsibility including the preparation of the program catalog.
    8. Partners with other community, school, business, health or human service agencies in providing services, classes or activities in areas of responsibility.
    9. Organizes and supervises the work of the Youth Impact Council at Hastings High School.
    10. Serves as a member of the Student Impact Club supervising the AmeriCorps Promise Fellows at Hastings Middle School.
    11. Organizes and supervises the work of the Summer Wedge program.
    12. Works with representatives from community agencies and organizations to collaborate as appropriate including the SPARK program.
    • Administers and monitors program budgets for Adult and Youth Enrichment, Recreation and Youth Development programs.
    1. Identifies alternative funding sources or grants to assist in enhancing or expanding program services and offerings.
    2. Monitors, accounts for, and tracks program revenues, fees, and expenditures by program.
    3. Prepares, codes, and submits purchase orders for needed supplies, materials, or equipment.
    4. Prepares grant reports to funding sources, if applicable.
    • Recruits, hires and monitors class instructors and building supervisors.
    1. Assigns staff per the needs of the program.
    2. Recruits, monitors, and evaluations instructors.
    3. Hosts instructor meetings and trainings. Maintains Instructor’s manual for enrichment instructors and other staff.
    4. Prepares daily material packets for evening and weekend building supervisor’s responsibilities.
    1. Processes and approves time sheets for staff in program areas.
    • Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required.
    1. Attends training sessions, conferences, seminars, district and departmental meetings.
    2. Serves on various district or community committees to represent Community Education.
    3. Assists the Director with special projects or activities as delegated.
    4. Keeps abreast of changing developments or trends pertaining to areas of responsibility and lifelong learning.
    Job Qualifications:
    Bachelor’s degree
    Major field of study or degree emphasis:
    Education, Community Education, Recreation or related area.
    Essential knowledge and specialized subject knowledge required to perform the essential functions of the job:
    • Concepts, principles and philosophy of lifelong learning, public education, and relationship of community education to K-12 programming.
    • Fundamentals of public relations theories and techniques in promoting, advertising, social media and/or informing the public of programs, services, courses or other events/projects.
    • Basic knowledge concerning the use of computers and related software applications and general business equipment.
    • Knowledge of community resources and community organizations within the community.
    • Knowledge of the theories, philosophy and approaches to adult enrichment, evaluation, and implementation of community education programs.
    • General knowledge of district administrative policies and procedures pertinent to the activities and programs of Community Education.
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